ESPU-Learn: (Educational Source for Pediatric Urologist) learning library for pediatric urologists. Content and videos provided by the Educational Committee of the ESPU. Webinars are also done in cooperation with “the EAU working group on pediatric urology“: and the eUROGEN-ERN:

ESPU-Learn gathers content from multiple experts in pediatric urology and is provided for educational purposes only. This site is not intended to replace the advice of a  physician where clinical decision making is concerned.

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Content Editors

Chair: Gundela Holmdahl

Learning Modules: Alfredo Berrettini, Anna Bujons,

Webinars: Marcel Drlik, Matthieu Peycelon, Parviz Hajiyev,Anne Francoise Spinoit

Podcast (soon): Alfredo Berrettini,Anna Bujons, Anne Francoise Spinoit,Alex Turner

Web Editor: Parviz Hajiyev 

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